‘Dungeons Of Dredmor’ Expands For The 3rd Time In ‘Conquest Of The Wizardlands’

Today, the third expansion to exceptionally (and ever-increasingly) silly comedy roguelike/eyebrow simulator Dungeons Of Dredmor is released. While the first expansion added more depth to the dungeon (in the literal sense – it added another five floors of traps, Diggles and other strange critters), and the second one was focused on skill-sets, user customization and modding. Conquest of The Wizardlands seems to be focusing on extra-dimensional adventures and more tangential weirdness. Also, encrusting.


As with previous expansions, it’s a pretty cheap package – $3 – and should throw a whole mess of new stuff into the Random Number Generator that makes the game tick. A no-brainer purchase for fans who are still delving those dungeons, nuking monster zoos and brewing illicit moonshine when they should be slaying monsters. The feature-list is impressively beefy, too, offering a bunch of new skill tracks (including two new weapon types), a pocket dimension for mega-scale item hoarding and a variety of useful Crusts to encrust your weapons with.


The new skill sets, including Communism, Tourism and Lawyering.


All of this will be accompanied by a general update to the game, with some UI and usability improvements scattered around, as well as some refinement to core gameplay elements allowing for stealthier gameplay for those who like to sneak and stab rather than just run screaming down the corridors blatting everything they see. There are also terrifying rumours of a Diggle Hell, which is Totally A Real Place. A dark and forbidden realm, ruled over by the almighty Vlad Digula.


As with the base game and the first expansion, Conquest of The Wizardlands is available to purchase via Steam, Desura & Gamefly, although the second, modding-centric expansion remains tied to the Steam Workshop.

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