Drop into the Dark with ‘Delver’s Drop’

Those hungry for a new romp in the shoes of a rouge will be delighted to hear news of Pixelscopic’s latest project, titled: Delver’s Drop. Owing alot to legends like Zelda and Wild Arms, Delver’s Drop looks to be a dungeon crawler sporting randomly generated floors in a rogelike fashion coupled with Zelda-esque combat and Wild Arms-styled environmental puzzles. The game’s art style is bursting with a vibrant and colorful pallette that looks to compliment its fast paced gameplay. Both enemies and your character have physics engines attached to them that work in conjunction with an underlying “friction” (according to the devs) system to determine how much knockback either party will receive from weapon hits during combat.


In addition to the trademark rouge class touted on title’s homepage (and in its scarce videos), the team over at Pixelscopic plans on including several other classes; all of which are undisclosed at this time. Interestingly enough, character progression won’t be lost upon death, and will instead be a persistent affair, encouraging players to spend a bit more time with one primary character as opposed to jumping between several as some of us would in a normal roguelike.


At the moment there is no concrete date for Delver’s Drop to release, but Pixelscopic has stated that it will be available on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac sometime in 2013. Personally, I’d love to see this title hit Ouya upon launch as well (which might not be that farfetched of a request considering Ouya runs on Android OS). Keep your compass pointed toward IGM for future updates as the details drop!

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