‘Dublin Gamecraft’: Irish Game Jam On February 25th

This coming Saturday February 25th a game jam is to be taking place in Dublin in Ireland, so if you’re nearby head on over and have a little fun, some free food and make games!


Dublin GameCraft is a game jam style event to be held in DIT, Kevin Street, Ireland on the 25th of February and it’s kicking off at 9am – good job there’s a free breakfast provided then! Oh and free lunch too, this is like the best jam ever, no?


Anyway, enough of the food (whimper), the Dublin Gamecraft is an 8 hour game jam – yes just 8 hours to make a game – and it’s open to anyone who can attend. Development teams can be pre-determined or decided on the day (although the latter will eat into development time). There’s even a little Google group for people to meet up and make teams. You’ll be pleased to hear that you can use whatever game building tools you like (Unity/GameMaker/UDK etc), and target whatever platform you’re most familiar with (Windows/iPad/Xbox).


According to the organizers there are over 140 people already signed up to the event, so it’s going to be a bustling venue. There’s no entry free but there are prizes to hand out, a full list of which you can see here. The winners will be picked by the judges at a venue lined up for afterwards where everyone can unwind and await the verdict. But let’s not forget people, it’s all about having and fun and meeting new people!


You can find out more information about and sign up for Dublin Gamecraft over on the official website.

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