Duck, Duck, Duck, Robot – Odd Bot Out Releases February 1st

A lot of us are bad at Standardized Tests. And for those of us who are good at them, it’s because we break ourselves in half studying, and even then, we still might not do as well as we’d like. So it’s comforting to think that robots, paragons of perfection, might not be great at tests either.


Odd Bot Out, from Swedish developer Martin Magni, puts you in control of a robot that has failed its testing, and ended up in a recycling bin. Understandably, said robot does not want to be recycled, and so quickly attempts his escape. Your job is to help your adorable little trashcan robot solve physics and electricity-based puzzles to progress towards an exit from the robot factory. The game features around 100 levels, with a variety of puzzles in each one.


I should also mention that the game is really, really cute. Not even R2-D2, with his similar form, comes close to the little robot buddy swinging around on its stick-like, impossibly-small legs. The robots constantly look like they’re about to overbalance or fall over, and this constant appearance of clumsiness somehow seems to make them even cuter. The whole thing runs the risk of cute overload.


Odd Bot Out is releasing February 1 for both Android and iOS, and you’ll be able to buy it for just $1.99 USD. You can find out more about Odd Bot Out and its development on its website.

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