Dust It Off: ‘Dustforce’ Level Editor Lands May 1st

Hitbox Team have announced that the long awaited level editor for their rather superb platformer, Dustforce, will be available to PC and Mac players on May 1st.


Free update ahoy! Yes, Hitbox Team have announced that the level editor for Dustforce is right around the corner (literally at the time of writing) and it’s going to be free for everyone who has purchased the game. Hopefully, given the success of level editors in general, this addition to the game will further encourage its community to get busy with their own levels for us all to try out.


You can get a quick glimpse at how the whole thing will actually work below and to our surprise, it’s actually very flexible – mimicking a drawing tool so that players may make levels of seemingly any shape they wish. Of course, all of the enemies and dust/dirt formations come as standard as in the game, but the level shaping is impressively liberating.


If you haven’t purchased Dustforce yet, you can do so over on Steam and you can read our review to find out if it’s worth doing so.


More information on Dustforce can be found on the game’s official website.

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