Edmund McMillen Teases “Mega Expansion” For ‘The Binding Of Isaac’

To the untrained eye the above image would mean absolutely nothing, but for fans of The Binding of Isaac it is a world of excitement as the Mega Expansion for the game is slowly revealed.

Just when you thought The Binding of Isaac couldn’t get any better, it’s co-creator Edmund McMillen reveals that he is working on a ‘Mega Expansion’ for the game. Considering the success of the adult-themed rogue-like, it seems like a clever move on the developer’s part to give the fans more of what they love.

The expansion was announced via Twitter by McMillen when he tweeted:

“Just got finished drawing up icons for a new item set in the isaac expansion they are called “trinkets” held items that give passive bonuses” (source)

“there are 20 of them, they will be as common as pills and cards but easier to get out of the fortune teller machine, another new addition.” (source)

You can see the first of these trinkets in the top left corner of the image that he teased via Twitter, this one being called the Red Patch. Another part of the Mega Expansion that he introduces there is the Fortune Teller Machine – presumably a machine that will be costly to use and sprout out random bonuses and items. McMillen went on to tweet:

“the additions i mentioned will only be a very small portion of the mega expansion that should release next year” (source)

“I have no release date for it, im working on it casually. it will be 3 bucks and add about 50% new content, details on what as i make them.” (source)

By the sounds of it the Mega Expansion has no definite features apart from the couple that McMillen has outlined, it seems to be a case of including features as he thinks of them. As you read though, the Mega Expansion will cost $3 and will add a whopping 50% more content to the game. McMillen has no scheduled release date for the expansion but says that it will be out some time in 2012.

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