Elder Scrolls 6: Release Date, News and Rumors

Even if you are just slightly interested in RPGs, then you were very excited last year when Bethesda said they are working on TES 6. And it’s easy to see why. Skyrim still sells very well and people play a ton of every day. So the dev team is working very hard to create an experience that’s just as interesting, fun and exciting as you might imagine. But obviously, we all want to know when it’s coming out. It’s hard to know that without being an insider in the Bethesda team, but we do have some clues.

What is The Game release date?

Right now it’s anyone’s guess. The only thing that’s official is from the E3 last year when they showed a small teaser. No one really knows the region they are focusing on, nor do we know the type of changes that they are trying to make to the game. What we do know is that Bethesda is also working on a new IP named Starfield and Todd Howard specifically said that they will release that new IP, and after that The Elder Scrolls 6 will arrive.

Video Source: YouTube/Bethesda Softworks

Another thing to consider here is that last year the game was in the early stages. We assume this year the game is still going pretty well, but the reality is that a game like this takes years and years to make. And since the graphical fidelity needs to be even better and new consoles are coming, we can assume that The game release date is very far off. We could say 2021 or so, maybe even late 2020. That’s up for debate, however considering that Starfield which needs to arrive sooner doesn’t even have a release date now, we can imagine that The new version of the game will come 2021 or even later than that.

These games have partial and also full production because they are multi-year projects and you can expect them to take quite a lot of time. Apparently, the Skyrim development started as soon as Oblivion was finished. That being said, the production time for Skyrim was around 7 years in total. And the thing to keep in mind is that The game wants to be even large and with a much better graphical fidelity. So we can expect even more development time. We don’t really know when Bethesda actually started the development process for this game. It might have been a year ago, it might have been 4 years ago. They just said that the game is in early development, so it will be a while until it’s ready.

The Elder Scrolls name

There’s no real name attached to the game as of now. And since there was just a teaser, it’s understandable why they are not trying to spread any info. There was however a trademark dispute over the name Redfall that was used by another company. Which is interesting, because people are expecting Redfall to begin with, and that makes a lot of fans very excited for the potential that this game is bringing in to the table.

When will we see gameplay?

For the time being the game is in early development, as Todd Howard suggests. That didn’t stop many development teams and gaming companies to show gameplay even in the early stages. However, what you have to realize is that Bethesda doesn’t really work like that. They usually show stuff when it’s close to being done. That’s the overall idea with this business and they are actually very good at it.


We do want to see the game fast and just get this over with, but then again you also have to realize that games like these take a ton of time. Especially when you are talking about a massive, open-world game with so much content like The Elder Scrolls 6. That alone makes it very immersive, interesting and one of the most ambitious projects that developers could ever have to deal with.

The use of photogrammetry technology


An interesting thing about The new version of Elder Scrolls is that it will scan real-life objects and environments to use them in 3D. They are trying to bring in some really good and fun ideas to the table while also leaving things open for any potential ideas that might sound cool and which are fun to explore and enjoy. All the little details matter when it comes to a game like this. And when you talk about so much work, then you obviously need a lot of time to do it properly and with the best possible results. Which is why The game release date is quite some time off. Maybe not as much as we believe it will be, but we can expect it to take a while until we finally enjoy it.

When it will be set?

Everyone is rambling about the location of the game, but another thing we don’t actually know at this time is when the game takes place in The Elder Scrolls lore. Is it a prequel to Skyrim, or is it something a lot later in the overall timeline? That’s hard to know. When it comes to Bethesda, they usually want to keep things chronological, but the reality is that you will never know that much about it. And that’s the great thing about this kind of stuff, it’s a bit tricky at first to get it going, but once you do it will pay off big time and that’s what you want to focus on with it.


Overall, Elder Scrolls is a very promising game. There’s a teaser trailer out already and only speculation regarding the theme, release date and so on. We believe that the game release date will most likely be 2021 unless Bethesda lied and the game is ready to be completed soon. What we do know is that they asked for patience, so we can safely assume that the game is quite a few years out!

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