‘Ensign-1′ – The Freedom Of Space, The Thrill Of Battle

Seeking your attention on 8-Bit Funding this week is Ensign-1 – a space combat game that offers players complete freedom, in and out of their space craft, while fighting it out in single and multiplayer modes.

Currently in its alpha stage, Ensign-1 is an ambitious project as it allows players that rare treat of being able to explore and battle it out in space, on and off foot. While flying around space filling the speakers with pewpewpews may be excellent fun, it’s great for variation’s sake to be able to land on a nearby frigate, get out and continue that battle on foot.

There’s a lot more that you can do on foot too. For instance you could help out the battle in space by manning a turret on board the frigate. It’s this capacity for freedom that makes Ensign-1 such an interesting project. You can imagine the range of possibilities that Ensign-1 offers to multiplayer matches, even in this early stage. Stack on top of that, single and co-op level design with a proper story with proper missions to set out and do and Ensign-1 really houses a lake of opportunity.

You can pre-order Ensign-1 and pay for a number of other perks over on the official 8-Bit Funding project page. There’s a whole range of funding rewards to check out over there so make sure you do. The biggest reward, of course, is knowing that you helped fund the game and for it to grow bigger and better!

Ensign-1 will be released on PC for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can find out more information on Ensign-1 over on 8-Bit Funding.

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