Everything You Wanted to Know About ARK: Extinction

ARK: Extinction is a game that will delight and excite you. You play the game on a ravaged planet Earth that has brilliant creatures. These creatures are both organic and technological, each holding enchanting secrets of the past.

The ARK: Extinction has three biomes with a titan in each one of them. You can tame each of them if you know what to do. Continue reading this guide if you wish to expand your tribe with the Forest, Ice, Desert titans. The first thing you need to do before you meet the titan is to give it offerings. One offering that is common to all titans is the 100 Corrupt Hearts. You can earn these hearts by killing corrupt creatures around Extinction.

Now that you have fallen in the enticing world of Ark: Extinction, let us get on with the tricks and tips to tame all the three titans!

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Forest Titan

Submit your offering at the nearby altar. When you do this, you will come face to face with a Titan. You now need to begin your journey at taming it.

The offerings you need to give the titan to come face to face with it are Corrupt Hearts, Tyrannosaurus Arms, Sauropod Vertebras, and a growth artifact. You can get the offerings easily if you know where to look.

If you use Dinos, you will see that the fight is easy. When you reach the final leg of the stage, you can use an Assault Rifle or Tek Rifle.

The main aim when trying to tame any of the three titans is to destroy the defective body parts. For the Forest Titan, damage the two spots on the arms, after which there will be one more spot on the chin.

Shoot each of the spots until they burst. You need to aim each of the spots and destroy it. Try to do less damage to the other areas. You should save yourself from the titan’s attacks, which is easy because the titan is slow. However, the titan can stop you by spawning trees. So, to help you, it is a good idea to have a fellow tribe member damaging the titan with a high-level flyer. Focus more on the titan and try to avoid any distractions that might come your way.

You do not need to do anything to tame the titan. When you destroy all of its spots, it will automatically become a part of your tribe.

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Desert Titan

Dealing with the desert titan is similar to the forest titan. However, the desert titan is more adept at fighting in the air. Again, like with the forest titan, you must give your offerings at the altar to meet the titan.

The offerings you need are Corrupt Hearts, Fire Talons, Sarcosuchus Skin, and a chaos artifact.

You can use Quetzals to fight the titan. Again, like the forest titan, you will find that you have to destroy three spots, one on each wing and one on the lower back. Avoid hitting outside the spot areas, like with the forest titan. You may find that destroying the third spot is time-consuming.

You can hit the titan with its lightning strike attack. When you are about to be hit, you will find a pop-up message on the screen. Keep attacking a spot and be very precise; you must get out of there just as you see the timer reaching zero.

To fight off the desert titan, you need to have fighting tactics that are well-defined and bold. However, fighting it off is not difficult; it is time-consuming.

If your stats run low on later stages, leave the area to heal up. If you follow all these steps, you will soon have the desert titan in your tribe.

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Ice Titan

Place your offerings at the altar to begin the taming process with the titan. The spots in the ice titan appear on the ankle, right shoulder, and chest.

The offerings you need are Corrupt Hearts, Spinosaurus Sails, Therizino Claws, and one void artifact.

You have to fight the ice titan the same way you fought the forest titan. An Assault Rifle or Tek Rifle will help you deal with the spots on the ice titan. To damage the chest, you will need a flyer or Tek suit. You can use fire on the spots when you fly using a Tek-equipped Tapejara or Griffin. It will help destroy the spot quickly.

Just like the other two titans, the ice titan will automatically get tamed and will saddle up.

The guide is all that you need to know to ace Ark: Extinction. With these tips and tricks, you will soon have the titans in your tribe. The enticing game will keep you hooked for hours on end; the titans will be a part of your tribe in no time.

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