Explore Terra Incognita in ‘Astral Terra’

One of the biggest draws of video games is the ability to step into an entirely other world, to explore new lands and interact with the strange and unusual creatures that inhabit them. In gaming land, players can be – and see – anything; the only limits are imagination.


Aiming to take this concept to new dimensions is Tethys Interactive’s Astral Terra: Adventures on the Plains, an upcoming role-playing game set in a voxel-based sandbox world. Like so many RPGs before it, the theme here is fantasy – but with a personalized twist.


According to the developers, no two players’ experiences will be alike. Everything, from gaining experience, to learning new skills, to the environment itself, will be procedurally generated – and fully editable. A vast variety of environments will be at players’ disposals, including (but not limited to) haunted forests, lush jungles, and underground cave systems ripe for spelunking.


The game will also take a fresh approach to character creation and development. No starting classes or archetypes are given; players simply pick a race and then play the way they like. In the world of Astral Terra, choices, rather than pre-determined designations, will define identity. A wide array of skills beyond those related to combat will be available for leveling, and experience can be gained from the usual questing, exploration, and vanquishing of foes.


In addition to having an infinite and infinitely changing world at their fingertips, players will also be able to share this world with their friends. Solo and multiplayer options will both be available in the final release, including PvP mode.


Astral Terra is currently in the pre-alpha stage, with alpha testing set to begin in two to three months. Funding for the project is currently in-progress, with 35 days to go. To help support the developers or learn more about the game, visit Astral Terra’s official Kickstarter page.

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