‘Fez’ XBLA Update Gets A Two Week Delay

By now, most of those who had been waiting to play Fez for a few years should have done so. There were a few people who came across some nasty bugs though, which inevitably marred the experience somewhat. Practically everyone who played it experienced regular frame skips as well. Due to this, Polytron set out to eliminate these bugs two months ago.


“We submitted the update to MS for certification on May 17th, it entered the cert process on the 21st and we got the answer back on the 25th that it failed because of two critical issues,” it reads on the Fez Facebook page. “One of them was resolved quickly, the other one (a random crash when upgrading the game from trial to full game) was impossible to reproduce or test on my side. We tried with MS to get the issue ignored because I had no tools to resolve it, but after weeks nothing moved.”


Luckily, they did manage to reproduce the issue and is was completely fixed today. Now we’ll have to wait for the two week response time of Microsoft’s certification updates. Many hoped that the patch would be released this month, in June, but this means that July looks more likely. Polytron apologized for the delays and said that a changelist will be on the way once the date for the patch is confirmed.


They did however confirm to an inquisitor that the frame lag has been solved. The more serious bugs are presumably solved as well. To quote Polytron themselves:


“Frame skipping while auto-saving is gone. Black holes don’t slow down the game so much either, and there’s improvements to rotating switches. And level transitions “through the sky” are less jarring.”


More information on Fez, if you really need it, can be found on the game’s official website.

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