Fight Spiders For Free In ‘Flyborg’

Indie developer Sengi Games announced that Flyborg is now available, free of charge for anyone on a Windows operating system.


Once upon a time, there was  fly-boy, who was married to fly-girl. Then one day, fly-girl was eaten by a nasty spider, and fly-boy was very sad. He vowed to avenge fly-girl, and so he created…Flyborg. More machine now than fly, Flyborg can use its laser to zap free trapped insects from sticky spiderwebs, thus saving their lives. Flyborg is equipped with various weaponry and gadgets that allow it to impede the spider’s advancement on their trapped prey, buying Flyborg precious extra seconds to set free its ensnared brethren.


The game sets Flyborg in one corner of the screen, and players must aim its lasers to free the trapped insects as they fly into the spider web. Of course, this feat becomes more difficult the longer the game goes on for.


Flyborg is Sengi Games’ second game, following Cityrace: Rv-18, and was developed using a custom-built game engine. Players interested in giving Flyborg a whirl, can do so by downloading the game, free from Desura. Flyborg is only available for Windows users, at this point in time.


On top of the announcement that Flyborg is now free, Sengi Games offered up two brief glimpses into two of their future projects.


“We are planning to release two more games soon,” Sengi Games says on the Flyborg Desura page. “One is even more [weirder] then Flyborg , and the second one [has] absolutely awesome game mechanics… You’ll love it!”


Visit Sengi Games’ official website and follow them on Twitter.


Download Flyborg for free, from Desura, and also be sure to pick up the Flyborg soundtrack, free from SoundCloud.

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