Find A Way Off A Barren Moon Far From Home In Anew

On a distant moon 20 light-years away from Earth, a child wakes up alone and with very few resources to keep him alive. At least, that is how the story begins for the game Anew, developed by Resonator. The development studio is headed by veteran game creators Jeff Spoonhower (Bioshock 2, Saints Row 1-4) and Steve Copeland (Command & Conquer).


Anew is twin-stick action game in an 2D open-world setting filled with different places to explore, puzzles to solve, and enemies to battle. The player will ultimately have to fulfill a critical mission given to the child, which is most likely related to his current stranded state. The child is not alone in this journey, however, as he meets companions that help on his journey. He can also find equipment that offers better protection in different locations, upgrades to better survive different encounters, and vehicles to better travel around the moon’s barren surface. Players can also expect to explore the inner locations of the child’s space-faring civilization, and perhaps learn more about his story.


Anew is currently being developed for PC and several consoles, with no release date yet announced. The game will also feature music from noted game composer Wilbert Roget, II (Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Star Wars: The Old Republic). To learn more, follow the game’s development on Twitter or “like” their Facebook page.

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