First Screenshots From ‘Samorost 3′ Excavated

Amanita Design’s seminal series, Samorost, will be getting its third entry soon and it already looks great in these first screenshots.


Samorost is actually one of our favorite game series at IGM so we’re always on the hunt for anything related to it. Obviously we all know that Amanaita Design have been working on Samorost 3 for a little while now, as well as Botanicula which will hit us soon. We haven’t saw or heard anything about it for a while now though, but all it took was a little digging and the first screenshots have arisen.


The screenshots were actually found a few months ago in the official Amanita Design forums. Jakub Dvorský of Amanita Design gave a talk at the TEDxBrno Conference in his native Czech Republic back in December in which he revealed three screenshots from Samorost 3. Luckily his talk was recorded so we can all have a look at them.


The only information known about Samorost 3 at this point is that it will take place across seven unique planets and will of course be a point and click adventure with music playing an important part as usual. There’s no release information as of yet.


You can see the screenshots from 13m 50s onwards in the video below taken from Jakub Dvorský’s talk at the TEDxBrno Conference.


You can find out more information about Amanita Design over on their official website.

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