‘Forgotten Elements’ A Fine Example Of German Engineering

In the indie game market it is not uncommon for games to be crafted by just one person, in fact there are many examples of this. However for one person to develop a fully fledged 3D action MMORPG and then give it away for free, that is very impressive. Marlon Drescher is a German developer who created Forgotten Elements from start to finish all by himself.


This is quite the feat, especially looking at how the game has turned out. It has taken three and a half years to get this game to where it is today and I believe Marlon Drescher does deserve the utmost respect for his accomplishment.


With four classes to pick between in this Diablo inspired title, Forgotten Elements will no doubt be a very rich and engaging experience. Set in the massive world of Telumin hosting many varied areas and randomly generated dungeons Forgotten Elements really is a game that can absorb plenty of your time.

Although the graphics are rather basic, everything looks to of been created in a very clean and stylized way, resembling the dungeon crawlers of the past. There is even a very compelling original soundtrack which is (I presume created by the very talented Marlon Drescher) rich and very well put together.


For a one man project that has spanned several years this game does look very complete and fantastically put together. It is quite a triumph that he could put together the whole game, and should be an inspiration for any aspiring developer.


If you enjoy the dungeon crawler model that has had a recent resurgence I would encourage you to play Forgotten Elements. It is totally free after all and looks great and can be played on the official website here.

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