Fortnite Season 9 Culminates with a Battle of Epic Proportions

Fortnite players finally got to witness the long-awaited titanic battle between Cattus and Doggus. The tentative names of the two combatants may be generic but the battle itself was definitely one for the ages. The fight between Cattus and Doggus was clearly inspired by anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Voltron. If those names don’t ring a bell, you may have seen similar fights in Power Rangers or Pacific Rim. Either way, it’s safe to say that the wait was well worth it.

Epic Games have been preparing this very special event for a few weeks now. The outcome was pretty easy to predict but it’s still interesting to take a look back at all the preparations that culminated with today’s battle. The first hints came when players discovered a giant frozen eye in Polar Peak. Unsurprisingly, the eye was attached to a suitably gigantic monster, affectionately named Doggus. The kaiju eventually broke free and headed for the sea, taking the Polar Peak castle with it.

Around the same time, this was happening, something else was cooking in another location on the map, Pressure Plant. There, drones were building a towering robot that Fortnite players later started to refer to as Cattus. The robot sported a cat’s head so it’s pretty obvious why that name was chosen. As soon as the robot was completed, countdown clocks started showing up across the map signaling that something big was approaching fast.

Cattus vs Doggus

The event started off with Doggus leaving the sea and wreaking havoc across the land. The kaiju eventually headed towards the nearby vault and began attacking it in an attempt to breakthrough. This vault was actually where the Season 8 finale event took place so this was a nice throwback. The vault contains some very powerful weapons, only one of which was unvaulted during last season’s finale. Was Doggus trying to get to the other ones? Would he even be able to use whatever weapons still remained within? Hard to say.


Image: hobbyconsolas

In any case, the monster was soon after stopped in its tracks by Cattus just when it seemed like it was about to breakthrough. The fight itself kicked off with a barrage of rockets fired by the mecha, which seemed very effective at first. As it turns out, though, that mostly just angered the monster who responded in kind with a powerful energy blast that knocked Cattus of its feet. The damage didn’t seem to be too severe because the mecha quickly got up and responded with a tackle attack that sent both combatants flying into the sea. Naturally, the two reemerged soon after and went at it again.

The second part of the battle was a lot more brutal, with Doggus ripping one of the Cattus’ arms before being tossed to the ground by the giant robot. The situation looked pretty dire for Cattus until the mecha managed to break through the aforementioned vault and power up his remaining arm with some sort of energy orb. Cattus promptly used his newfound power to smack Doggus around before pulling out a giant sword from Neo-Tilted and ending the kaiju’s reign of terror with a swift final strike.

The Aftermath

Once the monster was defeated, Cattus celebrated by doing a little dance and then saluted the nearby Fortnite players who witnessed the spectacle. The robot blasted off into the sky shortly after never to be seen again. Well, maybe. We know how much Epic Games like to tie together some of these events so perhaps this wasn’t the last we’ve seen of Cattus.

As far as Doggus is concerned, the kaiju mostly disintegrated after the fight. However, the signs of the epic battle are still there for all to see. Doggus’ skull and part of its skeleton remain in the place where the monster was slain along with Cattus’ sword. If you didn’t catch the battle live, make sure to check it out in the video down below. Also, don’t hesitate to visit the location of the battle and witness the aftermath for yourself the next time you’re playing Fortnite.

 Video Source:  YouTube/PolygonGuides 

Season 10 – What We Know so Far

The long-awaited special event may have ended but season 9 is technically not over just yet. The new season of Fortnite: Battle Royale is scheduled to kick off on August 1st. Season 10 is expected to bring with it a bunch of new and exciting content for players. As usual, Epic Games have been tight-lipped in regards to what exactly the new season will introduce. However, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’re going to see a new Season Pass along with new map locations, weekly challenges, and of course, new exclusive cosmetic items.

fortnite season 10

Image: epicgames

Speaking of which, earlier this week data miners were able to uncover a number of skins that are expected to arrive with the launch of season 10. As it’s often the case with these things, though, Epic Games themselves have not actually confirmed any of them. The company likes to keep new content under wraps but chances are that at least some of these skins will make it into the game sometime in the next couple of months. The data mined skins include the following:

  • Astro Assassin
  • Mecha
  • Mika
  • World Cup
  • Copper Wasp
  • Tsuski

Season 10 May Let You Play as Cattus

If the leak is to be believed, one of the new skins is apparently a miniaturized version of Cattus. The skin currently goes by the name of Mecha but it’s unclear if this is its actual title. The same goes for all the other new additions. Given that Epic Games have yet to confirm any of these, it’s best to take this leak with a grain of salt. For now at least.

In addition to the new skins, data miners also leaked several new styles to existing skins. Moreover, a whole bunch of other cosmetic items will allegedly also be part of the upcoming Season Pass. There’s not much else to say about Fortnite Season 10 at this time. However, August 1st is just around the corner so we’re bound to learn more from Epic Games themselves in the near future.

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