Fortnite World Cup Winner Intends to Spend His $3 Million Wisely

As you’ve probably heard by now, the Fortnite World Cup Finals took place this past weekend and the winner was a rather unlikely contender. Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, a 16-year-old from Pennsylvania absolutely crushed his competition and took home the grand prize. The teen won $3 million at the solos cup, the largest prize ever given to an individual player in an eSports tournament. Although the sum is expected to be cut in half after taxes, that’s still a very impressive prize. Especially for a teen.

Most people who become millionaires overnight tend to buy expensive things like cars or maybe a house, but not Bugha. The young player recently stated that he doesn’t have big plans for his hard-earned winnings. The only thing Bugha really wants to buy is a new desk and invest the rest of his money wisely. Considering the player spent 6-7 hours a day training for the Fortnite World Cup, I think it’s safe to say he deserves it.

Definitely I’m just going to save the money and invest it, I’m not going to do anything dumb with it really,” Giersdorf said in an interview with ESPN, “but I definitely want to get a new desk, that’s about it.

Bugha Won More than Just Money at the Fornite World Cup

Bugha was a fairly well-known player before the event but he definitely wasn’t as big as other Fornite streamers like Ninja or Shroud. Although he still can’t quite hold a candle to those guys in terms of popularity, Bugha’s impressive performance at the Fortnite World Cup Finals certainly gave him a nice boost.

 Video Source: YouTube/ESPN Esports 

According to statistics gathered by Forbes, Giersdorf’s Twitch follower count increased fourfold in the wake of the event. The player currently has around 204,000 followers on the popular streaming platform. By comparison, his Twitch follower count sat at just 58,000 a couple of weeks ago on July 15. His Twitter presence saw an even bigger boost, with the player now boasting 291,000 followers compared to the 20,000 he had on July 15. Similarly, his YouTube presence also increased dramatically from 34,000 on July 15 to 372,000 today.

A lot of people would probably take some time off to enjoy their earnings after winning $3 million but the young player will probably start streaming again in the near future. Someone who loves Fortnite as much as Bugha is no doubt eager to jump back into the action. If Bugha plays his cards right, he likely won’t have to worry about money for a very long time.

This recent boost of new followers and subscribers can provide him with a steady income as long as he keeps streaming and making videos. Bugha may not be an over-the-top streamer like Dr DisRespect who can attract viewers by just being quirky and funny but he’s no doubt a master at the game. Given the popularity of Fornite, it’s safe to say that a lot of people will start tuning it to his stream from now on just so they can learn from the best.

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