Forts: Set Them Up, Knock Them Down

Part of the satisfaction of building things for some people is to see how hard they are to break, again. Forts is an action/strategy game by EarthWork Games that takes this predilection and adds potential multiplayer and co-op to the mix. A sense of satisfaction can be gained by construction and destruction, as well as a number of leveling opportunities to add to the challenge.


Players build forts in real time, choosing their structures carefully to blend into the terrain around them to take advantage of hills, crevasses, and slopes. They can fortify the structure with plated shields to deflect the ordnance flung by opposing forces, gaining an advantage in order to be the last fort standing. Through victory, players will develop their weapon tree, allowing for greater offense. Forts follows the tradition of games like Crush the Castle in allowing for a number of different means to meet the end goal of scattering the enemy to the wind. Workers can repair structures and build new weapons during battle for another layer of strategy.


EarthWork Games hopes to have Forts out later this year on Steam Early Access, and interested gamers can help by voting for it on Greenlight. Follow the team on Twitter and Facebook for more information.

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