Freebie: ‘Vertical Void’

Today’s freebie will send your head in a tizzle due to its winding and weaving nature. Vertical Void has you gaining speed through a never-ending tunnel system.


Matthias Zarzecki provides the entry in today’s wonderful world of five minute freebies with his GDC Pirate Kart entry Vertical Void. Being slightly shaky when it comes to heights I was a little wary of the title of this one, but I held fast and stuck with it.


So what just is “it”? Here’s the long and short of it: Vertical Void is about not colliding things as you gain speed through a tunnel. Something you’re presented with multiple tunnels to go down, some of which have walls with tiny holes for you to squeeze through. Also the music reminds me of what I would imagine would be playing in a porno starring David Bowie.


High scores are the aim of the game so good luck beating mine….now what was it? Well, I survived for 120 seconds so if you can do better than that, good on you….pfft, you won’t!


121 seconds later…


You son of a…


You can play Vertical Void over on Kongregate and you can find more information about it on the developer’s website.

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