‘Frozen State’ Starts The New Year With Some New Redesigns

Snow Arc Studios recently released some fresh concept art for their upcoming survival RPG, Frozen State. Over the last few months, Snow Arc had been in search of a new concept artist, and early last month, they managed to pick one up.


“As a result,” Snow Arc Studios explains in Frozen State’s progress update,”after some discussions we decided to make some changes in the design of the main characters and slightly tweaked the plot. One could say that such changes is a waste of time, but I would argue, we didn’t make one step back, contrariwise, we made three steps ahead towards fleshing out our own, unique world.”


That “unique world” is a near-future Earth, which has been ravaged by alien parasites. The parasites infected people and turned them into terrifying monstrosities. The new concept artist has gone to town designing these human-monster hybrids. If the art is any indication of the final product…Frozen State is on track to be one seriously creepy game.


Along with the new concept art, Snow Arc Studios presented the Frozen State intro soundtrack, for all to hear.


Visit Snow Arc Studios’ official website and follow the development team on Twitter.


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