Fulfill Your Wildest Kaiju Dreams with VR Simulator Virtual Kaiju 3D

We live in a world consumed by disaster films, and a yearning for virtual reality. It was only a matter of time until the two were brought together, giving life to everyone’s sick fantastical dream to destroy the planet. DevilishGames has made that fantasy a reality with their title, Virtual Kaiju 3D.


Using Googles VR Cardboard, and your smartphone, DevilishGames has managed to create the closest thing to stepping into the ligaments of a Kaiju, and destroying a city. Taking the role of a Godzilla-like Kaiju, you’ll point them in the direction you’d like it to go based on where you look. You can shoot down helicopters and buildings using fireballs that you trigger by shouting. In no time, you’ll effortlessly be stomping your way through millions of innocent lives.


When using the Google Cardboard, you’re given full true 3D Perspective. What if you don’t have the Google Cardboard? Fortunately, the developers took you unlucky few into consideration and implemented the game into a standard 2D mode as well.


Developed on the Unity engine, Virtual Kaiju 3D is available now for iOS and Android for $1. For more news on DevilishGames, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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