FurryFury: A F2P Dynamic Turn-based Beast-rolling Online Arena Brawl on Physics

FurryFury is set in a world of deceivingly cute fluffy creatures, which enjoys simple pleasures like smashing against one another on deadly arenas. The game is all about rolling and pushing your opponents onto harmful obstacles while trying to stay out of danger. If you think now: “Hey, it's like that other game I played…”, believe me: it's nothing like it.

What's so cool about it, how does it play? First, you get to chose the beast you gonna play as. At the beginning the choice is limited, but you'll unlock more as you play. Each of them has a unique set of skills and attributes, therefore plays differently. You may also choose your move effect, ghost form (will come back to that later), victory quote, etc.

While the game offers some single-player / co-op challenges, its main focus is on PvP brawls: 2vs2 and 1vs1. The first thing you'll notice during such a mach is that all of your beast's skills are locked. That's right, you'll unlock them by gathering ‘Fury' potions appearing around the arena.  It makes the start so much smoother since you don't need to remember all the creature skills or check them every time the match starts. Skills will come in play one at a time. It also creates interesting tactical choices: should I unlock more skills, or deal damage to the opponents, or maybe position myself better (or do all of it if you're awesome). And this choice becomes even more important since you can only do one thing during your turn: roll. You can still adjust the speed and direction obviously, but apart from that there is no management; none of the skills requires activation or anything like that. That leads to the reduction of the turn time so it truly feels like a “dynamic turn-based” game. Another thing which adds to that is the fact that all the players in a team plan and move simultaneously during their turn and since you see the move trajectory of your teammate, going for combos becomes a habit.


It's also worth mentioning the arenas because each of them is different, represents its own hazards like spike walls or poisonous plants (which blinds you!), neutral inhabitants and unique mechanics such as the curse of the skull or circle of protection. Don't wanna spoil everything here, discovering them is part of the fun.

And what about dying? It is always a drag in team-based games when you need to wait for respawn or just watch your friends having fun. Not here! Here you become a ghost (yes, the one you've chosen before the match), and continue the game straight away, actively bothering your enemies.

So is it Hardcore or Casual?

With all the possibilities, mechanics and tactics, FurryFury still has a very low entrance threshold and can be played very casually. Because all you do is one roll at a time, and since the game doesn't offer anything that gives you an advantage in battle, every move can be a winning move.

Release Date! Oh, did I mention that the game is Free-To-Play? Its full release is planned somewhere in the 4th quarter of 2019 on Steam, but it will be available in Steam Early Access from July 10th, 2019.

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