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Is the winter season your favorite one? Do you love warm knitted mittens and cozy sweaters? Hot chocolate while it snows outside – does this sound like the best weekend to you? Are you skilled at knitting and weaving and all things crafty? Does an extra dose of embroideries and ribbons excite you like crazy? Then it seems like you will love this wondrous Indie game involving weaving and knitting. Weaving Tides is an incredibly charming single-player adventure game where players can ride dragons and stitch up a beautifully exotic textile world.

Over the course of the game, you get to befriend dragon-like Weavers and ride them to overcome tricky textile puzzles and other cheeky little creatures. Weaving got a whole lot amazing and fun since, in this magically woven world, you get to collect magical embroideries and ribbons to reward yourself for the hard work you have been doing. These embroideries and ribbons also amp-up your power and help you get stronger through the game. Weaving Tides is an amazing little game to glide through the wind weaving and unveiling sneaky mysteries of the woven world.

Developed by Follow the Feathers, Weaving Tides is a game about riding through the silken desert and spun jungles. You eventually have to get through the bottom of the mystery of your missing parents. Will you be able to solve the mystery? Will you be able to get back together with your parents? Or is it too late now? You’ll only find out if you play Weaving Tides. The game is so beautifully charming that it received an official selection in the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, 2019, a finalist innovation at the BIG Festival in São Paulo, Brazil, 2019, and the finalist Best Art at the Game Access Conference in Brno, Czech Republic, 2019.

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Weave your way through the silken land and find your long-lost missing parents

If you think the game is just about knitting and crocheting, you are wrong. The gameplay follows the story of Tass, quite possibly the only human in the silken woven land. He is on a journey of adventures and secrets, trying to seek the mysteries of his past. Accompanying Tass is his foster dad, Kilim. You won’t know how quickly the dynamic of the woven world changes with darkness unleashing all over the land within seconds.

Things get difficult and tricky since you cannot kill or defeat your enemies like is the case with other adventure and action games. Weaving Tides lets you take on your enemies in a whole different way. With the aid of your dragon, you can spin around your enemies and weave them in the wool. Mystical embroideries and ribbons can help you make your weaves more powerful and stronger. Weave as fast and as strongly as you can to pin your enemies down.

The game is also not about just pinning your enemies down and making your way forward to search for your missing parents. You also need to weave and stitch gaps on your way and cut through woolen barriers to keep advancing. What seems simple at the face of it turns out to be a pretty arduous task in the end. Will you be able to tackle it? Are your knitting and crocheting skills strong enough to sustain you?

The mysterious and charming woven world awaits you to solve its mysteries

Weaving Tides is a game about weaving your way ahead, masterfully pinning down your most powerful enemies, and trying to find your missing parents. The game doesn’t just create intriguing gameplay of mysteries and adventures but also tugs at your emotional heartstrings owing to the plot-line of your missing parents. What has been done has been done, but it is now up to you to go against all odds and do what needs to be done.

Weaving Tides also lets you choose your own weaver dragon to go about the woolly silken land. Not all weaver dragons are fit for all sorts of landscapes. Some are better at stitching and cutting while some are better at spinning wool and thread around your enemies and pinning them down. You need to skillfully choose your weaver dragon and make your way through adversities.

It is high-time you solve the crazy secrets that have been looming over the silken woven land and figure out where your parents are and find out what exactly happened to them. So, shun your fears, brush up on your knitting skills, get up on your weaver dragon, and get weaving.


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