Get Involved With The ‘Knytt Underground’ Infinity Hype DLC

Here’s a cool opportunity to be a part of the popular hit Knytt Underground and all it will cost you is a moment of your time.


No, we’re not talking about another Kickstarter campaign or anything similar. Starting today at 21:00 UTC (look it up if you’re not sure … I know I had to!), Nifflas’ Games will be hosting an official ‘ask us anything’ Reddit, in which you can ask creator Nicklas Nygren and a number of other people involved with Knytt’s creation any question you like.


Here’s where it gets cool. You can also ask the characters in the game questions too. Why? Because your questions will determine what the upcoming Infinity Hope update will include. The upcoming extra content will feature upwards of 2100 new rooms to explore, with its story based upon the answers Nygren and those involved provide.


If you can’t make the q&a session don’t panic, there’s the promise of other ways to get involved later on down the track, though there hasn’t been any official confirmation of what that may entail just yet. When the time does tick over, head on in to the official website for the latest and links to the live chat as it happens.

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