Get Sneaky To Steal Back Your Noodles In ‘Ramen Ninja’

Nullptr Studios’ Ramen Ninja tasks you with sneaking around hypnotic goat-men, zombies and your everyday henchmen to steal back your precious ramen from the evil Dr. Udon and it is now available to purchase on XBLIG.


When a game tasks you with sneaking around hypnotic goat-men it grabs your attention. That is what you have to do in Ramen Ninja bizarrely enough. Mind you, it’s quite odd that there is an ongoing rivalry between ramen-farming ninjas and udon-loving corporations. In this first episode, ‘Enter the Ramen’, you are given 20 challenges to sneak through, although running is also a wise tactic as well as stomping to distract the odd cast of patrol men.


There is a certain appeal in Ramen Ninja‘s rather odd premise though, it’s actually quite cute how you can duck and crawl past the guards. Certainly one for those who like stealth-based gameplay especially as the game is only a $1 to download.


You can purchase or download the trial version of Ramen Ninja on the Xbox Live marketplace and you can find out more information on the official website.

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