Getting Down To It: ’99 Levels To Hell’ Enters Alphafunding

Remarkably, despite all of the dungeon crawlers that come our way, 99 Levels To Hell has managed to stick out time and again. We’ve given it a little try during its pre-alpha too and came away happy little monster slayers. In honesty, we can’t quite put our finger on what it is that we like about it, but we do and that’s important.


Maybe it’s that it is a little more than a dungeon crawler – it’s also a 2D shooter and a roguelike too. Perhaps it’s the main character who potters around with his rifle in hand, large moustache and hat to match; such a gentleman. It could even be the game’s affiliation with Dante’s classic journey through hell, a hardening test of epic proportion, though this little fellow finds himself trapped in a buried castle with no other choice but to head down to hell to escape.


Actually, we just like the element of surprise combined with the fairly tight mechanics. During your journy downwards you may find weapons, pets and power-ups in golden chests or hidden shops. This is all about making decisions in order to survive for as long as possible. Boss fights pop up to really test your mettle too, all with great variation.


Oh but we’re spoiling it now, wouldn’t you rather be playing it yourself? Good news! 99 Levels To Hell is now in alphafunding which means you can spend just a small amount of cash for the game and get instant access, plus all of the updates as they are delivered. You should head over to IndieCity and soon Desura to get your fix.


More information on 99 Levels To Hell is available on the official development blog.

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