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The Indie Game Magazine is pleased to announce a summer fund drive for Get-Well Gamers Foundation, a California-based public charity dedicated to bringing electronic entertainment and video games to children in long-term healthcare facilities.


From Today through August 15th, IGM will be donating 20% of its revenue (not profits – gross revenue after credit card fees) to Get Well Gamers. So rest assured that any purchases of IGM through our website, Zinio or the app store will help support Get-Well Gamers and buy games and systems for hospitalized kids.


To further motivate people to donate, IGM is running a ‘Pay What You Want’ Donation Promotion. You can use the widget below to donate as little as $1.50 and will instantly receive free indie game mag swag. If you donate under $20, you will receive an instant download of IGM Issue 10. If you donate $20 or more, you will receive a 1 year digital subscription to IGM (you’ll save $5 and it WILL NOT AUTORENEW). Extra Revenue from this widget will be donated to Get-Well Gamers.


Name your price: $

If you still haven’t checked out and purchased our newest issue, our iPhone app, or our subscriptions, then you’re one cheap bastard so we’ve got one last thing to add. Everyone who purchases/donates through the Indie Game Mag Store will automatically be entered into a drawing to win free indie games, Microsoft points, gaming swag and other prizes.


Feel free to post questions in our comments section.  IGM and Get-Well Gamers would really appreciate it if people used the handy share buttons below to help spread the word.

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