Ghost Busting: ‘Demon House’ Is A Steampunk Spectral Shooter

Mad scientists often fall victim to the delights of dastardly plans to take over the world. Problem is, it always ends badly for them, usually due to some bravado hero busting in and meddling with the proceedings. In the case of Demon House, an apparently “evil” (we prefer desperate) alchemist has found a way of imbuing steam powered machines with the souls of the dead. A pretty harmless act in itself really, we don’t see the problem with advancing technology in such a way. Technically, he’s giving the lost souls of the world a purpose too. Oh and he might consider them an invincible army with which to take over the world, but that’s just sideline stuff – not important.


What is important to point out is that one of those heroes stumbled into the house and started blasting the robots (the alchemist’s only friends) and eliminating them! An outrage we say! Oh and what makes it worse is that it is you – you players of games. Marching into a poor old man’s house with your newly-discovered anti-spectral energy weapons – the only thing that can defeat the robots.


Of course, you manifested this to be a first person shooter that’s supposed to be a load of fun. But innocent metal hearts are being broke, rusted and otherwise turned into cans of food for your consumption. You’re the cold hearted monsters, not these murderous robots! You’ll probably be overjoyed to hear that Demon House will be available to play on XBLIG and PC this Summer, but that’s just a countdown to doom for some. It’s all just a matter of perspective. The first person one in this case.


Please head over to the developer’s official website and tell them to stop this monstrosity!

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