Goodbye ‘Realm Of The Mad God’ – Wild Shadow Studios Acquired By Kabam

One of the most sporadically successful indie games of late has been Realm of the Mad God – made famous for its free-to-play and non pay-to-win sentiments, as well as being aptly described as a “massively cooperative bullet hell shooter”. It’s quite different to anything before it in its fresh and rather addictive hardcore yet social experience. Since being released out of beta and as a finished product its gained a big fan base and even got itself popular on both Kongregate and Steam. It’s been so successful that some bigger eyes have been set upon it and now Kabam, maker of hardcore social online games with a staff of 450, have acquired co-developers Wild Shadow Studio and thus the game.


Realm of the Mad God started off as a jam idea by Wild Shadow Studios and what they created was very promising but needed some extra hands to make it the game it turned out to be. For that, SpryFox came on board and has since owned a part of the game. To fully acquire the game, Kabam had to also convince Spry Fox to sell them their ownership too, which they have after saying their goodbyes.


Daniel Cook of SpryFox wrote up a little piece about his special game that ended up pushing the boundaries of MMO titles. Daniel points towards the game’s interesting and successful monetization system as well as compelling co-op gameplay. He concluded with the following couple of sentences:


“We wish the best of luck to Kabam as it proceeds to make the most of a very special game. And to the RotMG community: we want you to know how grateful we are for the years of support and encouragement you gave us. We appreciate how hard you pushed us to be better at our craft, and how warmly and generously you treated us when we weren’t screwing things up.”


While SpryFox say their goodbyes, the original team at Wild Shadow are ecstatic to have a whole new range of facilities and resources at their disposal. Realm of the Mad God will continue to live on and get better for the players, well, hopefully. Kabam has even shown interest in bringing the game to other platforms, which is not revealed as of yet.


Via VentureBeat

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