Gyrodisc Super League Throws Competition to the Wind

Gyrodisc Super League looks like a cross between dodgeball and competitive Frisbee-throwing — if that wasn’t a thing before, it is now, in action-packed form.


The gameplay field resembles tennis a bit, with a large play surface separated by a high-tech net in the middle. Gyrodisc Super League can be played in doubles or singles; unlike tennis, there’s a goal post behind each team which must be protected at all costs, whether that means performing crazy dives or playing mind games with the opposing team. The six playable characters have varying statistics for different play styles.


The Super League athletes have a couple of tools to secure victory. Catching the disk with dives is one thing, but if a player throws the disk as soon as they catch it, they perform a perfect return. This increases its speed and can be done sequentially. Players can also throw each other off by lobbing the disk, so if they get close to the net, a good lob could score. There are also special throws which have the disk moving in physics-defying ways.


Gyrodisc Super League is currently campaigning for votes on Steam Greenlight. While Valiant Interactive plans for a release sometime mid-2016, they hope to bring the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future. There will be only Windows support at first, but Mac and Linux are to come. The developer offers a taste of the action with a free demo download at (for Windows).


To keep up with news about this arcade sports game, check out Valiant Interactive’s website and follow their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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