Hammer Time: ‘John Lee’s Day Of Awesome Power’ Released For Free

Making a debut game is always a harrowing experience – so many things to learn, unpredictable mishaps to delay proceedings and the pressure of making something people actually want to play. The 2D Team have managed to pull through with John Lee’s Day Of Awesome Power; an action platformer of sorts. Oh sorry, I meant a SMASHING action platformer.


Those blasted aliens have landed on Earth again. As the boy who has “never had a boring day in his life”, it’s up to John Lee to sort them out. John Lee’s is certainly a praiseworthy effort for a first game. There’s not a whole lot to it really, and that’s a good thing we might add, you travel to the right running and jumping and occasionally bringing a rather large hammer atop the heads of the foe scattered around. When that fails: fireballs! There are power ups too, these can be stacked as well so that they more you have, the more devastating your attack will be.


Then of course you have the bosses, of which we’ve only seen the giant eye at the moment. Seems like a good thing to look at but lacks much in the way of ferocity – maybe some more animation to spruce it up? We’ll give the game a full review soon but from what we’ve played so far it’s pretty fun and worth trying out. Until we give our more full verdict, you can have a look at the trailer below and grab the game yourself for free from the official download page.


More information on John Lee’s Day Of Awesome Power can be found over on the game’s official website.

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