Hanako – Soul of the Samurai Comes to Steam Greenlight

Independent developer Matthew Canei – along with his 12-person team at +Mpact Games – just launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for their multiplayer, class-based PC game titled Hanako – Soul of the Samurai.

The game is set in Feudal Japan with players taking on the role of a Samurai, granting access to a wide array of weapons for their arsenal. Players will be able to face enemies up close with a Katana, or pick them off from a distance with a Yumi (longbow) instead, depending on their playstyle. The game will feature 4 classes (with the potential for expansion post-launch), 3 elite roles per class, and an arsenal of deadly weapons and dangerous abilities that allow for chaotic, sundry gameplay, which is exactly what Canei promises for players.

One of the potentially standout features of Hanako so far is its combat system. It’s always fun to pull out a few swords and bows to battle it out, but Hanako takes it a step further; the game features directionally-driven combat, meaning that swordplay and thoughtful swing of the blade will triumph over mindless hacking. Timing-based blocking and parrying are the most important tools while dueling an enemy, so a balance of wise choices and speedy reflexes will be required for success here.

As any true samurai already knows, the key to maintaining or regaining a position of strength in battle is not only to focus on the opponent, but also to focus on the surroundings. Flammable cover, hidden vantage points for archers, and flanking through wild vegetation are all possibilities in the world of Hanako.

Hanako has been in development for quite some time; it’s been more than six years since work first began on the game, and several major reboots have occurred in that time-span. It’s been a bit of a wild ride, but the Greenlight campaign and impending Kickstarter campaign are signs the game is ready to take another big step towards completion.

For more information about Hanako, be sure to check out the official website and Facebook page. Those interested in supporting the project can vote for it on the new Greenlight page.

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