Delayed Free ‘Exile’ DLC for ‘Hard Reset’ Released On Steam

Been waiting on this one a while. Hard Reset was a good game. Not a great one, but a solid bit of Quake 2-era style FPS action with lots of ugly robots and cyborgs to shoot, and then it just kinda ended with the conclusion of the second act. A jarring, abrupt ending that made it feel like the game just wasn’t finished yet. And it wasn’t – developers Flying Wild Hog were continuing work on the game, and have just released the third and final act of the game, titled ‘Exile’, as a free download for all owners of the game to date.

Boasting five more story levels set outside the walls of Bezoar, four new enemy types, two new survival maps and a new final boss, Exile was already included in the recent retail release of Hard Reset, but the digital release of the DLC was delayed for some reason. Guess it’s time to jump back into the post-cyberpocalypse, warm up my plasma cannon and – to pilfer another games’ tagline – finish the fight. I’m sure there’s at least a few robots that I haven’t shot yet. There should be a lot of folks out there with Hard Reset, too. The St Patricks Indie Royale bundle included the game.


Hard Reset: Extended Edition is on sale for 10 Euros or your regional equivalent via Steam now. Those who already had the game can grab Exile here.

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