‘Harvest: Massive Encounter’ Updated, Now Available On Linux

After a year and a half of silence surrounding the game, Oxeye Game Studios have updated their RTS title, Harvest: Massive Encounter, and it’s also available on Linux now!

Though many of you will know Oxeye for their work with Mojang – mainly Cobalt and the Mojam event – they return to an older and great title of theirs from 2008 to bring not one update but two. The 1.17 update for the game was last mentioned a year and a half ago and since then never actually came to fruition. To make up for it, Oxeye have added a few more fixes and updates and released a 1.18 version of the game – you can see the full change log on this page.

Thanks to the work of Tommaso Checchi, Harvest is now available on Linux too (he also helped with the Mac port). To celebrate the work of this great Italian, Oxeye are offering a 50% discount to anyone who uses the coupon code “TOMMASO” when purchasing the game from the store up until April 29th.

You can purchase Harvest from Oxeye for PC, Mac and Linux or you can grab it on Steam and GamersGate for PC and Mac (not Linux). There’s also a demo if you want to get a feel of the game before making a purchase.

More information on Harvest: Massive Encounter over on the game’s official website.

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