Have A Look At What To Expect In The Beta Of ‘FTL’

A new video has been posted that showcases some of the latest features added to the beta version of FTL – the “spaceship strategy roguelike-like”.

If you didn’t play the OnLive beta of FTL or Faster Than Light then you definitely missed out right there. However, not all is lost as you can see some brand spanking new gameplay from FTL with more features than what the beta had available.

The game itself is a roguelike-like (yes we’re back there again) set in space aboard your very own ship. As you explore the universe during an intergalactic war, you’ll have to manage your ship via the crew, making sure that everything is shipshape and reacting to the many random events that will inevitably occur. You’ll also have to manage the areas you explore, engage in ship-to-ship battles and accept the death of your crew…forever. Well, at least until you start a new game.

Check out the pre-beta gameplay below for more information on FTL as well as an outline of what the developers have in plan. If you want to bag yourself a copy you can do so over on the Kickstarter project while it lasts.

FTL is expected to enter closed beta in May 2012 and will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux. More information on FTL can be found over on the game’s official website.

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