Have Some Faith: ‘Cobalt Runner’ Is Freerunning On To The PS Vita

The developer behind Cobalt Runner for the PSP – your portable Mirror’s Edge fix – is now remaking the game for the PS Vita with lots of level creation and sharing ambition.


Cobalt Runner was an anticipated Quake mod amongst the PSP community for its capturing of freerunning on the portable device. Not much came of it in the end though and people were disappointed that it promised so much but came to nothing. However, the developer has suddenly appeared again and has decided to work on the game for the PS Vita.


A couple of years have passed so their plans for the game have changed a little, as you can read below:


“The new premise is that of a social game, more or less. You create levels by placing objects ala Trackmania or Modnation Racers, and then can race against people online for global high scores or just chill out and play game modes as the map cycle rotates through user generated maps.”


If this does manage to make it out of the developer’s hands and into players then this should be a popular game, presuming everything comes together. At the moment the development process is still very early as the game is being built from scratch in the PS Vita SDK. After just a few days, the developer has released a bit of gameplay which has unfortunately been recorded with an iPhone, but you can still make it out.


Hopefully some better quality media assets will be on the way soon. For now, you can have a look at what the game looked like as intended for the PSP back in 2009 right here – it looks to be pretty much the same kind of thing.


More information on Cobalt Runner can be found on its official IndieDB page.

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