Help a Boy Monk Find Himself in the Commercial World Of MARA

Defiant Child Games brings you its 2D platformer MARA. You take on the role of a boy monk on a journey to find himself, through the modern world ridden by materialism, and the unnecessary need to buy and consume. You must avoid the dangers of urban obstacles, such as: Spinning saws, dropping blocks of spikes, and “those annoying little selfies.”


Though MARA is a 2D platformer, it features completely 3D crafted visuals and environments. You’ll jump through three levels, all of which capture a different time of day: Morning, afternoon, and night – each level featuring a unique gameplay mechanic. Defiant Child Games states that the mechanics were made intentionally simplistic, making it easy for anyone to pick up immediately.


MARA’s 3D visuals show a massive amount of depth and promise, especially for a 2D game.  In the background, you’ll see an array of different skyscrapers, and smokestacks that populate the environment for what is otherwise a rather simple game in terms of mechanics.


The Vancouver, CA-based studio is releasing MARA for PC in early 2015, but plans to eventually get it out on mobile devices as well. Follow the studio on Twitter and like them on Facebook for more news on MARA and other future releases.

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