‘Hubris’ – “Like Ico HD On Acid”

Andrew Yoder has released his short but very interesting game, Hubris, for free, this is one for those solemn moments or if you’re just in the mood for something different.


Focusing on level design and art, Yoder created Hubris after a university term to try and stretch his skills and imagination. The result is an exploration of color, space and abstraction and one that should be enjoyed when the player is completely relaxed. We’re not going to pitch this as something extraordinary, but Hubris certainly falls into a growing niche of experimental games that play with form and design.


Yoder describes Hubris as “a short, atmospheric game like Dear Esther or The Funeral. There is no interaction or narrative, simply a world to absorb and (I hope) emotions to experience.”


Hubris is apparently inspired by the overwhelming sense of scale in Shadow of the Colossus and the serene creations of Robert Yang. Yang actually discovered Hubris and responded with, “It’s like Ico HD on acid.”


You can get a feel for the game in the video below or you can go straight for the download and discover the environments first hand.


Find out more information on Hubris over on the official website.

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