Iconic Tests Pop Culture Knowledge with Witty Puzzles

Czech mobile game studio Flow wants to conduct a scientific study all across the globe, testing the world population’s pop-culture knowledge — OK, that may be not entirely accurate, but they are launching Iconic on September 3rd.


Iconic comes from the notion that we spend a lot of the time in our daily lives interpreting icons, such as the classic pause, play, and stop buttons, thumbs up signs, emoticons, and so on. The game takes that idea and combines it with names of bands, movies, and people to quiz you and your friends on your mobile devices.


The game features over 200 puzzles in those three categories, with more to come. If you have trouble guessing something, you can admit humiliation (and get help) from Facebook friends. Once you share something, a Wikipedia page will enlighten you about the puzzle. It certainly looks like one of those games you could throw up on the TV screen or pass around the living room at parties.


Looking forward to testing your knowledge? The game will be out on September 3rd for Android and iOS devices, at the reasonable price of free. If you’d like to read up on some details about the game, you can check out Iconic’s website as well.

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