IGM Forum Find: Imperator – Sexy Elf Boys Vs Spartan Soldiers

Like Plants vs. Zombies on steroids, Imperator is an action-defense RPG being developed by Rahul Martin. Players utilize a wide cast of characters to exact revenge on the Orcs and Dark Elves that took over The Empire in the wake of a dark magic spreading over the land. Gather troops, edit their attributes, and follow the story to defeat your enemies, get control of your land, and win the game. Featuring character names like “Cheap Legolas” and “Spartaaaaaaaa,” Imperator also injects a bit of humor into a game genre that often tries to be very serious.


Unapologetic display of abs


Micro-management of large numbers of troops is necessary in order to progress, and each character has several levels wherein they gain new skills and stronger weapons. MP (magic points) allows the use of special weapon types, such as an arrow called a “boomstick,” which leaves behind a rainbow trail, and goes through all enemies with 100% piercing and 100% critical chance. Every group (melee, ranged, and archer) will have different special abilities, and in order to gain them (with a larger MP allowance, as well), players must utilize these troops to gain experience points. The enemies will also have different status levels, which can make them effective against certain types of troops – choosing your troops and abilities wisely will allow you to capture more villages, gain more resources, and continue to make your army stronger.


Overpowered troops fight weakened Orcs


If you’re interested in taking part in Beta testing, applications are now open – simply contact Martin on Twitter or Facebook and ask to take part. While the game does not yet have a release date, Martin has been utilizing the IGM Forums (links goes directly to his game) as his devblog, meaning all information and updates about the game are being posted in the same thread. This is awesome, and we approve – if you’re a developer without a central website, you may feel free to do this with your game, as well. We love seeing games develop, and having all of the updates in one spot helps others to keep better track of your progress, and can help generate interest!


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