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Browser-based games are turning into a bit of a lost art form, as more developers take advantage of services like itch.io, and more games flood Greenlight and Kickstarter hoping to make it into the regular rotation of player libraries. Even former browser-based games have turned into full-fledged PC games, and so the goal of making something people can play anywhere without having to install anything is a bit off the beaten path. A game genre that particularly falls into this category is the RPG, but Neverworks Games has jumped in with both feet, with HTML5 game Nevergrind, an RPG adventure set in the land of Edenburg.


Players start out as recruits, helping to secure Edenburg’s perimeter, when they are noticed and promoted by their commander to begin quests to help the greater good of the country. There are four acts, each culminating with a final boss fight, and most of the game’s action consists of battles and completing the given quests. Players can choose from one of 12 races, which can, in turn, belong to a number of classes. Humans can be one of any of 14 available classes, while halflings can choose from rogue, paladin, ranger, rogue, or druid. Each race and class has its own strengths and weaknesses, as per RPG character creation tradition, and female characters actually get a boost to wisdom and health regeneration.


There are over 800 items in-game that can be found for use in combat, or as equipment for the character. The inventory system, abilities bar, and HUD system should be familiar for most players. Combinations of attacks, chains of kills, and other skilled actions are rewarded with more experience, and experience can be used for upgrades and applied to a skill tree that varies by class. As developer Joe Leonard put it in the original forum post, “…taking on big risks leads to big rewards.” Gain magic and gold, level up, and complete the four acts to find greatness!


Nevergrind is playable on both Mac and Windows machines, and can be found here. Follow Neverworks on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and game announcements.


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