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Roche Fusion is a frantic, addictive, fast paced and fun procedurally generated arcade shoot-em-up with gorgeous visuals, and some fantastically over-the-top weaponry.  It’s also tough, so tough in-fact that the first time you play you’ll probably lose all your lives within the first minute. That’s the big draw for this game though, thanks to the nonexistent difficulty ramp it’s tough all the way through, and more importantly it’s exciting all the way through. There’s no wading through initial, boring attack waves to get to the good bit.  It’s all the good bit.


As well as being tougher than  a walnut in Kevlar, Roche Fusion is also very pretty, full of colorful enemy design, snazzy special effects and OTT weaponry. Battles take place on a single screen, with enemies swooping in for procedurally generated wave-based attacks. After each attack wave, you’ll be given the option to upgrade your ship in one of three ways, allowing you to either choose a secondary weapon, or upgrade your shields/primary weapon. The secondary weapons all have cooldown periods and are perfect for clearing the screen when you’re in a tight spot; one even allows you to fire a black hole into the screen, sucking in any enemies nearby.


The soundtrack for Roche Fusion is also consistently great, it’s got an upbeat retro vibe that feels like something they’d play during a chase scene in an 80’s Transformers cartoon, really adding to the retro nostalgia of the game. This retro style is also present throughout the rest of the game, with enemies all represented in plenty of bright colorful neon. Combining all that with the single screen game design and wave based attacks, it really does feel like Space Invaders on steroids at times.


If you fancy getting your teeth into a tough-as-nails old school arcade shoot-em-up, you won’t be disappointed by Roche Fusion. It’s an instantly tricky and equally exciting slice of retro arcade action. IGM will keep you updated with the progress of Roche Fusion, but if you want to play it now, you can download the Beta for free through the official website.

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