IGM July Issue Sneak Peek – You Can’t Take the Sky From Me

Last installment of The Indie Game Magazine, we introduced our audience to the mean streets of Metrocide, a top-down, stealth action shooter. This month, in our brand new July 2014 issue, we take to the skies and set sail across the great star ocean. Galaxy Heist, the upcoming online, free-roaming, space FPS by Space Bear Development, casts players in the role of pirates with the singular purpose of scoring loot and amassing power. With a crew of up to 3 friends or AI companions, gameplay will transition between space shuttle combat, and squad-based FPS shooting if players manage to dock with an opposing ship. If that doesn’t entice you, perhaps the following excerpt and Magazine preview will. You’ll notice that we listened to feedback, and have decided to drop the price of single issues. Now you can pick up a copy of IGM for just $2.99! Yearly subscriptions now see a slight increase to $29.99 per year, and this is where the prices will settle. Alright, without further ado, here is Issue 39! Be sure to pick up a copy of this month’s July issue to help support IGM and the Magazine:


People often joke about how they’d like to leave Earth and find comfort out in the vast emptiness of space, as opposed to continuing being around other people. Which makes it all the more rude of an awakening for the inhabitants of Galaxy Heist, a universe where space piracy runs rampant, to find that even when there is light years of real estate between humans, ne’er-do-wells still find a way to keep the crime rate high. Maybe I’m just getting old, but all I want is a little piece and quiet without having to deal with so many miscreants. (What’s the space equivalent of “Get of my lawn!” anyway?)


Once ship combat is successful, and players have latched onto their opponent’s battered spacecraft, the game switches into more familiar FPS mechanics. Players board the enemy ship with their teammates, or AI partners for those who would rather fly solo, and attempt to clear out any obstacles (read: crew) that stand between them and valuable salvage. “Once they dock, the attacking players will load into the bridge connecting the two ships. The defending players will load onto the top floor (flight deck) of the ship,” Lee specified. “The interior of the ship will be noticeably damaged from the battle, such as broken lights, power outages, leaking pipes, small objects that may have collapsed, etc. The attacking players then force themselves onto the ship and do what they can to take things.”


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