IGM Limelight: Week Two

This week we have 5 more games for you in our IGM Limelight, a focus on Greenlight games worth a closer look. So open your eye cavities and begin reading:


Fly’n from Ankana StudiosFly’n is an artistic puzzle platformer which focuses on the “World-Trees of Helycia”. An evil threat named Dwyer has come to disrupt the World-Trees by stealing their sap. Players will take on the role of Fly’n in an effort to save the World-Trees from destruction. The twist on the classic puzzle-platformer genre is in the characters in Fly’n. Players need to control four characters and combine their powers to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. I cannot quite do the artistic nature justice so check out the trailer below. Fly’n is an artistic puzzle platformer whose devs you can learn more about on their Facebook, Twitter, or Dev blog.


International Racing Squirrels from PlayniacPlayniac has developed quite the interesting management sim with International Racing Squirrels. In International Racing Squirrels, players control an arrogant group of misbehaving squirrels which love to party. Players will have to manage their racing squirrels through bribery, debt, hotel room shenanigans, gambling, and, of course, their reality television and music careers. Players then get to take their squirrels to the track to let them race. Mechanics evolve as International Racing Squirrels progresses and features abound: 30 hours of gameplay, 16 different races, 4 in-race powerups, 12 squirrel characters, and much more. Totally can view International Racing Squirrels in the trailer below, on Twitter, or on Facebook.


Castle in the Darkness from Matt KapCastle in the Darkness is a classic 2D adventure game in the spirit of Megaman, Metroid, and Castlevania. The story begins in the Kingdom of Alexandria where the world is free from wars and menace. Then, on the third full moon, 50 years after evil had been felled from the land, the kingdom is once again under siege by terrible monsters. Then, guess who gets kidnapped; the freakin’ princess of course. Now the player must venture out, defeat evil, and return the princess to her castle. Castle in the Darkness plays much like a classic 2D platformer, but the world is open-ended. As the player progress he/she will find plenty of items to upgrade the knight to become powerful and overcome this world of evil. All of this adventure is complemented by a tight 8-bit soundtrack. If you love saving princesses and dig classic 2D side-scrollers, check out Castle in the Darkness at its official website and follow Matt Kap on Twitter.


Enola from The Domaginarium– You find yourself on an island, unbeknownst to you how you arrived there or where the island is located. You must explore to discover the origins of the island and the reason for you being there. Unfortunately, during your adventure you begin to realize that you are not alone on the island, and an evil presence lurks. Enola is an adventure horror game in which the focus is on human fear. Players explore to find remnants of the island and of their past in a story-driven horror effort. If you’d like to see more of Enola take a look at its official website. For more info on The Domaginarium check out their website and Twitter.


Saturday Morning RPG from Mighty Rabbit Studio– An homage to 80′s pop culture, Saturday Morning RPG is quite the nostalgic experience. Originally released for the iOS, Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic role-playing game in which players control Martin “Marty” Michael Hall, an average high school student endowed with incredible powers. These powers help the player and Marty fight against the evil force of Commander Hood. Features included are active turn-based combat, in which players must remain active to react to button commands much like Paper Mario, a legendary soundtrack by 80′s movie composers, a fully revamped PC presentation, and all of that 80′s-inspired goodness. Those born in the 80′s and those lovers of light-hearted RPG’s should definitely check this out. For more info on Mighty Rabbit Studios you can check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


That is this week’s IGM Limelight! I hope you saw something you enjoyed, because I know I enjoyed this. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back next week with another spotlight on some Greenlight games. But if you’d like us to consider YOUR Greenlight project for IGM Limelight, send in your submission to [email protected] with the subject “IGM Limelight”. Didn’t see your game this week? Stay tuned for next weeks round-up and you may very well be one of our top picks!

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