In A Sentence: ‘Ecotone’ Flaunts Peculiarity In A Good Way

Upon designing the make-up of a world its usually a profound idea to make it something a little goofy, odd or just generally not disinteresting. Mundane artefacts plague this world so why infest them with your own fiction, right? This is especially interesting in games, as we can physically journey through another plane of existence and interact with it and doing so can be rewarding in itself. Thus we present Ecotone.


Playing as a strange, grim reaper-like fellow, this platformer draws its players into an odd universe. Gooey, snake-like creatures weave between the architecture and others block the way, or sometimes help to traverse the dispersed land. The destination for this unknown character is unclear, but its lack of identity may be the reason for its constant pursuit. Certainly, we’re told that as the player’s understanding of the game evolves, then maybe some form of realization will emerge – a connection with the character and the player.


Ecotone isn’t just a visual oddity, neither is it just a simple platformer – its essence lies in level variation. One level may be a speed chase, the next focused on puzzle solving, then gravity may be inverted, or perhaps you’ll be asked to take control of several characters at once. Each level has a new mechanic and it all comes with a sentence too. These sentences give the player a clue as to how to solve, but sometimes they may not – maybe they have a greater meaning in this gradual unity.


It’s interesting to say the least and we’re looking forward to where Sundae Factory are taking Ecotone. At the moment it exists on Indie GoGo for the purpose of raising $12,000 so that they may work on the game full time and get it released sooner rather than never. If enough money is raised then they could also develop mobile versions of the game. In return for your money you can get access to the beta version, the soundtrack, a pre-order, help design levels, even figurines!


More information on Ecotone can be found on the Sundae Factory website, unfortunately there are no sundaes for the taking.

Valuing gameplay and innovation over everything, Chris has a keen eye for the most obscure titles unknown to man and gets a buzz from finding fantastic games that are not getting enough love. Chris Priestman, Editor-in-Chief of IGM

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