In the Shadows Casts a Different Light on Puzzle 2D Platforming

The interplay between light and shadows is getting a shining new treatment in the upcoming puzzle platformer, In the Shadows. Manipulating light sources to defeat dark enemies is the primary means of progressing.


In the Shadows starts out with a younger version of the protagonist and a first encounter with a shadowy creature. Serving as an introduction to the mechanics, the shadows are mysterious enemies. Whether they are the protagonist’s figments of imagination or real threats remain to be seen. Much later in his life, as an adult, he finds himself trapped in the world of shadows he dreamed about when he was younger. Now he needs to figure out how to get out of there while solving puzzles and dealing with the creatures.


Scattered light cubes help simultaneously with environmental puzzles and on-screen foes. When those come in closer contact with light, they turn into everyday objects that help the hero progress through the world. Some will require better timing and planning, increasing in complexity as the game goes on. In the Shadows will also have a semi-open world with a central hub for levels, but will still follow a narrative path. Moody music will accompany the environments, which will contain secrets to uncover.


The environment in the game is done with Unity and a special tool called Qubicle, which crafts 3D voxels, then layered with sprites in a 2D space. That in turn allows specific lighting of the environment, which enables the gameplay aspects.


The Canada-based Colorspace Studio is working to finish In the Shadows for the later half of 2015, with versions coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Check back with IGM for more information on the project as it develops.

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