Influent Teaches Language Through Virtual Interaction

Everyone knows that learning a new language can be difficult without immersing yourself in it, and what better way to become immersed in a new world than by playing a videogame. Sure, you could buy a plane ticket to Japan, but that’s expensive and irrational– unless you play Influent on your laptop during the flight.


Influent is the new name for the Kickstarter-funded language learning simulation Sanjigenjiten. Recently GreenlitInfluent will soon give Steam users a 3D world to interact with, in what is essentially a visual, foreign-language dictionary. By showing virtual representations of nouns, adjectives, and verbs, Influent offers players the chance to start pumping up their vocabulary in a new language. Across three modes, players can interact with a virtual house, or challenge themselves to a vocabulary test. Influent also contains a space shooter mode in which players must zap the objects representing a specified word.


For $10, you can download Influent now and get a Steam code once available. Initially, players can select a single desired language, but more are available with additional purchases.

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