Issue 6: September/October 2009

Games In this Issue:

    • Faerie Solitaire
    • Plants Vs. Zombies
    • Blueberry Garden
    • Tales of Monkey Island
    • Light of Altair
    • Kitten Sanctuary
    • Hollywood Tycoon
    • T.W.T.P.B.
    • Enlightenus
    • Wallace & Gromit Ep 1
    • and MORE!




Description: In this issue we review 16 Indie Games including the IGF Grand Prize Winning Blueberry Garden, the incredibly addictive Faerie Solitaire, the humorous Tales of Monkey Island and sublime Plants vs. Zombies.  We also rank 10 of the most recent indie games purely by their demo.  Celebrate the end of IGM’s first Season with Issue 6!


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