It’s a Big World Out there Hombre, in Sunset Rangers

Sunset Rangers is a randomly generated open world sandbox multiplayer game in development at 9heads. Players set off into the Wild West where they must survive, trade, and explore either on their own or with others.


Towns, cities, roads, and events are randomly generated in Sunset Rangers, offering new experiences for those who venture into the world. To have any hope of survival in the lawless land, players will need guns, and powerful ones at that. But like the world itself, guns are randomly generated. However, players can still craft, kill NPCs, buy, or hunt down other players to lay claim to some of the most deadly weapons in the west. Killers are cautioned though, that taking lives comes with a price. The more a player kills, the more notoriety he or she gains, putting a large bounty on their head and making them a very rewarding target for other players.


While having firepower is crucial, players will also need to find food and water. This can be done by hunting wildlife and searching for fresh water. All of this needs to be kept in mind while keeping the player’s temperature low. Though it was not specified, lowering body temperature can likely be accomplished by drinking water and finding shade. Players can further hide their most valuable possessions in their ‘stash’ and bury it within the world. However, other plays can find the stash and help themselves to everything in it.


Sunset Rangers is currently in Alpha, with an expected release date sometime in 2016. The game is currently in the voting stages on Steam Greenlight. To learn more about the project and its future development plans, visit the Greenlight or Facebook page.

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