It’s Magic, it’s Celestial, and it’s Live on Kickstarter: Demon’s Revenge

Since the beginning of time, prejudice has reigned supreme on Planet Hasphal. Humans believe that its native inhabitants, the jehts, are actually monstrous creatures-demons- from the hellish land of Remerin.  And the midst of the conflict we find Sen, caught up in the schism between religion and life itself that is the basic premise for Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge


Demon’s Revenge is a 2D Sci-fi RPG that boasts heavenly graphics and meticulous pixel animations, unique turn-based combat, and the chance to explore the diverse and tempting world of Hasphal-which effortlessly captures the imagination and brings magic to life. The official Demon’s Revenge Kickstarter just re-launched, and at the time of this article has raised $456 of it’s $12,000 goal. The game is also looking to be Greenlit on Steam, where developers have previously reached out to the gaming community with a design your own boss competition. Demon’s Revenge appears to be a highly promising return to the roots of JRPGs, but at the same time manages to stand out from the pack through its edgy, comic style art, rather than being influenced by anime or manga. 


For now you can quench your thirst by checking out some Demon’s Revenge gameplay from our stream (courtesy of The Average Giants) with bonus insights from it’s developers. And don’t forget to follow Demon’s Revenge on Twitter for forthcoming updates on the game’s progression.

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